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      Elephant and Castle Cleaning Company is the first cleaning company I've used and they were so good about explaining everything to me, and made me feel really comfortable. And the actual cleaning was brilliant.
Kieran Muilder19/05/2020
     We have been using ElephantandCastleCarpetCleaning to clean our office space for months now, and are always pleasantly surprised by the end product.
Jordan B.19/09/2019
     As a single parent who works full time, I often find it hard to keep up with the home cleaning as well as get everything else done, so I was delighted to find ElephantandCastleCarpetCleaning. Not only are they great at keeping my home tidy, but they're really affordable too so I don't even have to feel guilty about the expense.
W. Adams13/12/2017
     Reserved an appointment with Carpet Cleaners Elephant and Castle a week ago. They came to my home yesterday and amazed me with their hard work and efficiency. Hiring their cleaning services was worth the money!
W. Compton10/03/2017
     Chose Elephant and Castle Carpet Cleaning and didn't regret it! The best end of lease service at a low price!
      ElephantandCastleCarpetCleaning were recommended to me by a business associate as being a cleaning firm I could use for my offices. They do a really professional job that doesn't cost the earth and both of those are important to me. Now I always recommend them to others!
David B. 14/07/2015
     These people are so professional! My house had gotten so messy I was actually ashamed to call for anyone's help but eventually I decided that something absolutely had to be done. I did my research online, found ElephantandCastleCarpetCleaners and called them. From the first second I knew I could trust them and my instincts were perfect. The contractors worked in a really professional way, left the house sparkly clean and honestly, considering the amount of work, their fee was affordable too.
Susanne 17/03/2015
     If you're after a bit of help with the home cleaning, then the one company who I would recommend above all others are definitely ElephantandCastleCarpetCleaners. I've been trialling out a few different cleaning agencies for a while now and they're the only ones who have suitably impressed. Not only that, but the great prices meant there was real value for money. Clean home and cost effective. Exactly what I have been searching for.
W. Chambers07/01/2015
     I always loved returning to clean home when I got home from work, but now that I am living alone, this isn't the case because I don't have time to do things myself. Wanting to get things to the way I liked them, I hired ElephantandCastleCarpetCleaners. They were able to come to my house a couple of times a week and clean up the mess, polish, dust, vacuum, etc. Thanks to them, I have the clean home I want and don't have to bend over backwards to make it happen. They do what I can't and I know they can do it for you too.
Dave McIntyre20/06/2014
     As an office-based business cleaning is something you just need to happen, something you need not to be a distraction. That, after all, is why you outsource it but we have found that so many companies just seem incapable of getting it right. Thank goodness we found ElephantandCastleCarpetCleaners. We were impressed by their professionalism when they came to meet with us to discuss our requirements, and were even more impressed by the work they did and continue to do, and they are now an integral part of our business that we rely on to keep the place clean.
Don Foreman05/12/2013

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